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Gangsta Knitter [Copyright 2004 Tom & Doug;]

Thomas P.:  Iíve got lots of trouble on my mind

My knittingís smooth as ice

My yarn is spinning

The whole wide world knows Iím winning.

People like to call me Gangsta Knitter

And I work with the needles that are bigger.

When youíre finishing your first, Iím two-timing

Hear the nasty knitting rap that Iím rhyming

See Iím rich, see Iím smooth and fast

Knit so well knock you on your ass.

Thereís a new line this season

See my gauge, so even

Knit and purl, make you stand when youíre sittiní

Like a trip on some page in Vogue Knitting.


Chorus: Gangsta Knitter, Knit for me!


Doug: Word up Ė Iím a Gangsta Knitter!

Get back to your baby sitter!

Iím so good, see my scarf? Doesnít curl

Number One, gettiní jiggy with the girls.

If you see me coming better step to one side

A lot of men didnít, though not many tried

One fist of mohair, the other of wool

Iím gonna knit your socks off you slow-knitting fool!

Look there, canít you see?  My ribs are nice and tight

Youíre too slow you knitting neophyte.

When Iím finished my hems never pucker

Unlike your sorry seams mother f*****


Chorus: Gangsta Knitter, Knit for me!


Knitmaster SSK: Stand back boys,

you should both take a hike

Master SSK is stepping to the mike.

Your gauge is wrong, you dropped a stitch

I can knit so well that youíll both be my bitch!

You two scrubs you knit like a jackass

Donít ya know?  Iím knitting with alpaca.

Didnít weave your ends in, you bind off tight

Your sweaterís always looking like they just lost a fight!


Chorus: Gangsta Knitter, Knit for me!


Knitmaster SSK: Go back to patterns, little boys,

Weíre freestyling here.


Doug: Owww!

Thomas P.: Ouch!

Doug: Oh man, that was harsh!

Thomas P.: That was harsh, DougÖ


Knitmaster SSK: Rip it out!



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